Board Members


President: Gerard Lo Bue

nt: Cilla Weichselbaum

  • Serve on the AFPSD Board of Directors.
  • Maintain current relationship with the national AFP.
  • Establish goals, objectives and policies for the year.
  • Review the association's long term goals - adjust as necessary.
  • Oversee committee functions and planning.
  • Set agendas and preside over monthly luncheon meetings.
  • Conduct Board/Officer/Committee Chair meetings as needed.
  • Appoint individuals or committees as required.
  • Coordinate relations between the national AFP and AFPSD.
  • Represents the AFPSD at all events, keeping each event on schedule and keeping the audience engaged. Introduces speakers, announces items on the agenda, and recognizes each sponsors.        


First Vice President: Cilla Weichselbaum


  • Serve on the AFPSD Board of Directors.                        
  • Conduct meetings in absence of the President.
  • Formulate strategic plans for the upcoming fiscal year.
  • Oversee all planning and production aspects of the Fall Symposium. 
  • Serve as Chairperson of the Fall Symposium Committee.    



Vice President - Programs: OPEN POSITION

  • Serve on the AFPSD Board of Directors.
  • Oversee and guide the Program Committee.
  • Organize and schedule AFPSD educational programs and seminars.
  • Poll membership for desired/needed programs and seminars.
  • Select luncheon programs topics and speakers.
  • Provide meeting dates, topics, and speaker information to VP of Media Relations.
  • Cover all details of luncheon programming with Facilities Chair, including:
    • Speaker audio/visual requirements.
    • Speaker biography for speaker introductions.
    • Follow up and thank you letters and gifts for all speakers.
  • Coordinate AFPSD's summer social networking event no later that first quarter.



Vice President - Education and Government Relations: OPEN POSITION


  • Serve on the AFPSD Board of Directors.            
  • Obtain program approvals for CTP / CTE accreditation.
  • Coordinate study groups for CTP examination.
  • Act as liaison with the government and academic community for AFPSD related matters.
  • Oversee the criteria for programs.



Vice President - Membership Chair: OPEN POSITION


  • Serve on the AFPSD Board of Directors.
  • Serve as Chairperson of the Membership Committee.                   
  • Develop and coordinate new member recruitment programs.
  • Develop and coordinate member retention programs.                  
  • Handle check-in at meetings:
    • Take attendance and track actual vs planned attendees.
    • Prepare name badges for expected attendees, guests, and speakers.
    • Collect fees and dues.
    • Prepare a list of luncheon guests and new members for President.                                



Treasurer: Olivia Van Slyke


  • Serve on the AFPSD Board of Directors.
  • Perform the fiscal duties of the Treasurer of the Association.
  • Establish and maintain banking relationships for the Association.
  • Maintain financial records for the Association.
  • Prepare budget for the fiscal year.
  • Present financial statements to the Board at regular meetings.
  • Prepare Annual Report to the membership.
  • Prepare AFPSD tax return and file in a timely manner.
  • Maintain adequate insurance for the Association.



Secretary: Veronica Villasenor

  • Serve on the AFPSD Board of Directors.                          
  • Order and maintain stock of AFPSD supplies.
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of officer and luncheon meetings.
  • Send out the ballot and proxy for the election of the Board of Directors.
  • Maintain AFPSD correspondence history and other appropriate records.



 Facilities Chair: OPEN POSITION


  • Serve on the AFPSD Board of Directors.
  • Establish meeting dates for luncheon events.
  • Select and reserve meeting facilities for AFPSD luncheon programs.
  • Select menus.
  • Negotiate pricing and arrange for payment through Treasurer.
  • Ensure facility is set up according to Program Committee instructions.
  • Ensure A/V media and equipment is present and in place for all association events.

 Audit Chair: Sharokin Badal


  • Serve on the AFPSD Board of Directors.
  • Ensure AFPSD Board compliance.
  • Perform annual review of financial statements, including income statement and balance sheet, for accuracy and provide professional opinion.
  • Review actual vs budgeted financial activity for reasonableness.

 Media Chair:  OPEN POSITION

  • Create and provide meeting/topic/location information, as well as all other communication and announcements to members and prospects.
  • Oversee and serve as administrator for the AFPSD official website as well as other Educational, or Networking Resources websites.

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